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requests & commissions
request up to 10 icons absolutely free!
beyond 10, 1 dw point = 1 icon, minimum of 20
payment to be sent after icons are finished, but before full set is sent
please provide highest possible quality screencaps
commissioned icons may be marked 'do not take'
20 icons for 10 points ( $1 usd )
30 icons for 20 points ( $2 usd )
50 icons for 40 points ( $4 usd )
100 icons for 90 points ( $9 usd )
icon sets are priced with the formula (icon total minus ten) since i offer up to ten icons for free.
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Hellsing - Mostly Integra [Various]
[51] Icons

Hellsing fanart (Solid&Etc., hellsing.nobody, unknown credits) - Mostly Integra
[58] Icons
[5] Plurk

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Figure Skating - Alena Leonova [Various]
[33] Icons
Hellsing - Mostly Integra [Various]
[10] Icons
Trinity Blood - Mostly Isaak [Various]
[45] Icons
[3] Plurk

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Did a (sharable) request and decided to make some other icons to make the post bigger, aha. :'D

Requests - Django Unchained
[8] Icons
Figure Skating - Jeremy Abbot (Bring Him Home FS)
[14] Icons
[1] Header
Original Artwork
[14] Icons

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Hellsing (OVA I)
[42] Icons
Princess Tutu
[11] Icons

Definitely not my best, the Hellsing caps especially were hard to work with, but I hope you guys are having a wonderful new year! C:

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Hellsing (OVA X trailer)
[16] Icons
[3] Headers

Oh gosh, this is my first batch of icons since I was over on Livejournal (at [ profile] hermajestyicons ). The caps I used were a bit blurry, and I'm not entirely happy with how these came out, but I hope you guys like them!

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